Dr Arthur Courtney Saunders

President of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society

1990 - 1991

Dr Arthur Courtney Saunders never used his second Christian name. To everyone he was Sandy. This was a pity, because in an earlier age Courtney would have fitted perfectly with his adventurous vacation lifestyle, which completed his busy career as a general practitioner in Nottingham. Away from his practice was, at various times, ocean yachtsmen, skier, golfer, walker and hill trekker.

Sandy Saunders saw war service from 1943 – 46 with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical and Engineers (REME) as a Radar Officer and in the Glider Pilot Regiment, as part of the Army Air Corps. He suffered terrible 40% burns, being one of the early patients at Birmingham and later at the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead becoming one of Sir Archibald McIndoe's "Guinea Pigs".

He entered Liverpool University and qualified MB, ChB in 1952. After various house appointments at Liverpool Stanley Hospital he became a general practitioner in Nottingham where he was to spend the rest of his professional career. He developed a special interest in psychiatry and obstetrics. In the second half of his career he undertook training in hypnosis and gained the Diploma in Hypnosis that the University of Sheffield, becoming a Member of the British and the International Societies of Hypnosis.

Always a good "committee man" Sandy was for many years a member of the Family Practitioner Committee, Nottinghamshire District Health Authority and the Nottingham Local Medical Committee. From 1976 until 1992 he was Medical Secretary of the LMC with a Medical Service Committee advisory role.

Shortly after arriving in Nottingham he became a member of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society which he served loyally over many years being, in turn, Librarian (1960-62), Secretary (1970-74), President (1990-91) and Life Member in 1994. Given his background and interests it came as no surprise to the members of the society that, in his Presidential Address, they were transported to the Himalayas for tracking Expedition.

Though having a successful Presidency, Sandy will be well remembered by the Society, for his time as Secretary, by elevating the reading of the minutes to an art form. At the beginning of each meeting, the society had an amusing perspective summary of the previous meeting, not infrequently spiced with Latin and Greek! Never before in the history of the Society has each reading of the minutes been greeted with prolonged applause!

In retirement Sandy was trekked doctor on the Khumbu trekked in 1990, the Annapurna Sanctuary trek in 1998 and the Langtang trek in 2000. He was a crew member in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Las Palmas to Saint Lucia in 2002.

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