Illustrated Talks to Groups and Societies


Subjects covered in illustrated talks

1. Nottingham City Hospital: A three parted illustrated talk covering the City Hospitals historical routes as a Poor Law Workhouse and Infirmary, which began on York Street in Nottingham as the Nottingham Union Workhouse. Second part, the origins of the City Hospital Campus. A campus which grew out of the Enclosure Act of 1797, when 131 acres of land was allotted to the Vicar of Basford in lieu of tithes. Third part, the origins of Heathfield Hospital (Bagthorpe Isolation Hospital), the oldest hospital buildings on the City Hospital Campus, which were opened 1892.

2. Former Nottingham General Hospital: An illustrated talk showing photographs and images of the development of the Nottingham General Hospital from its opening in 1782 right up to its closure in 1993.

3. Nottingham General/Nottingham City Hospital: An illustrated talk in which the subject of how the hospitals were run before the inception of the National Health Service in 1948. One as a Poor Law Institution, which later became a local authority run hospital, and the other as a voluntary hospital, relying purely on charity as a means of income. In this subject I also introduce the University Hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre.

4. The Three Voluntary Hospitals: This illustrated talk covers advent of Nottingham’s three Voluntary Hospitals, the Nottingham General Hospital, the Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Forest House and the Women’s Hospital on Peel Street.

5. Nottingham’s Hospitals during World War’s One and Two: This illustrated talk is about how Nottingham’s Hospitals operated during two world wars. It also, in attempt to broaden the subject, covers the political ramifications and consequences of both world wars.

6. The Queen’s Medical Centre - Nottingham’s Medical Metropolis: This new subject (researched for the Q.M.Cs 40th Anniversary in 2017) covers the hospitals historical routes which began in 1965. It also covers Nottingham’s Hospitals that became part of the establishment of the Q.M.C. and the environmental changes that came about as a consequence of the building of the Queen’s Medical Centre, as well as its opening by Her Majesty the Queen on Thursday 28th July, 1977.

7. Nottingham’s Hospital Buildings, An Architectural Heritage, Part One: Nottingham City Hospital and the former Nottingham General Hospital: This recently researched subject covers the influence local Victorian architects such as Thomas Chambers Hine and Arthur Marshall including the nationally acclaimed architect Alfred Waterhouse had on the designs of Nottingham’s Hospitals. This subject will eventually become a two parted illustrated talk, which will cover the architectural designs of the former hospitals of Mapperley, Saxondale, the Women’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital as well.

All talks illustrated talks are given on a PowerPoint projector. As a matter of ease I have my own screen, projector stand, and power cable.