Nottingham Hospitals History

World War Two UK Food Rationing Timetable


September 3 1939: Britain and France declare war on Germany.

1939: Petrol rationing begins (ended May 1950)

8 January, 1940: Rationing on bacon, butter and sugar.

11 March 1940: All meat is rationed.

July 1940: Tea, margarine were added to the list of rationed foods.

March 1941: Jam was put on ration.

May 1941: Cheese was rationed.

1 June 1941: Rationing of clothing (ended 15 March 1949)

July 1941: Coal is rationed.

January 1942: Rice and dried fruit were added to the list of rationed foods.

February 1942:  Soap was rationed. Tinned tomatoes and peas were added to the list of rationed food.

17 March 1942: Coal, gas and electricity were all rationed.

26 July 1942: Rationing of sweets and chocolate.

August 1942: Biscuits rationed.

1943: Sausages are rationed.

1945: World War Two ends. Rationing continued on many items until 1954.

1948: The end of rationing begins. It is another 5 years before rationing of all products is ended.

25 July 1948: End of flour rationing.

15 March 1949: End of clothing ration.

19 May 1950: Rationing ended for canned and dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies and mincemeat.

September 1950: Soap comes off the list of rationed goods.

3 October 1952: Tea rationing ended.

1953: Sweet and sugar rationing ends.

4 July 1954: Food rationing ends.

1954: Women celebrating the end of food rationing