Bagthorpe Isolation Hospital

“Heathfield Hospital”




During the period covered by the report, the Borough has happily been free from serious epidemics of infectious disease. In the early part of 1883, the Committee had to deal with the remains of the small pox epidemic of the previous year, and occasional importations of the diseases since the epidemic, and they also had to cope with the endemic prevalence of scarlet fever and enteric fever. These three diseases are now regularly notified to the Health Department, and your Committee have derived much advantage from this information of their existence in limiting their spread. Your Committee has instructed the Medical Officer of Health to draw up a report on the practical working of the Notification Clause up to the present time.

Your Committee have continued the system of providing means for the re-vaccination of persons living in or having communication with houses infected with small pox.

Your Committee have disinfected 4,955 articles of bedding and clothing, and 1,029 rooms. They note with satisfaction that owing to increased care in removing unnecessary articles of furniture from the sick room at the commencement of an infectious illness, the numbers of articles which require disinfection are not so numerous. In any case reported to your Committee, the house has been disinfected free of charge, unless there was a medical certificate that it had already been properly disinfected. The number of cases reported was 703, the number disinfected by the Department 473. Besides this, 446 notices have been sent to the School Board in cases where children of school age were either suffering from scarlet fever or likely to carry the infection. In the case of enteric fever, the disinfection has been directed to the intestinal discharges by which the diseases is believed to be propagated. For this 100 special tubs or pails have been provided, and the chemicals supplied for the purpose have been sulphate or iron (copperas) and chloride of lime.

The number of cases treated in the Garden Hospital have been:  – smallpox 28, scarlet fever 26, enteric fever 1, diphtheria 1.

Your Committee have been continually engaged in negotiations with respect to a site for a future hospital for infectious diseases.

Bagthorpe Isilation Hospital