1948: The Inception of the National Health Service

CITY N.H.S. 01 N.H.S. 02 N.H.S. 03 N.H.S. 04


From this date the Nottingham City Hospital came under the direction of the Nottingham Number Two Hospital Management Committee, whereas the Nottingham General Hospital came under the direction of the Nottingham Number One Committee. The purpose of grouping Nottingham’s Hospitals into two management committees was simple – the General Hospital, managed hospitals on the south side of Nottingham whereas the City Hospital managed hospitals on the north side of Nottingham, including parts of Derbyshire.

It was to remain like this until 1974 when Nottingham’s hospitals came under the management of the Nottinghamshire Area Health Authority, with the General Hospital coming under the South Nottingham Health Authority and the City Hospital coming under the North Nottingham Health Authority.

Finally, at the inception of the National Health Service the whole of Nottingham’s Hospitals came under the umbrella management of the Sheffield Regional Health Authority, which later became the Trent Regional Health Authority. With all N.H.S. hospitals now under “Trust Status,” the Trent Regional Health Authority was eventually renamed “Trent Regional Health.”

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