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The First Physician to the Nottingham General Hospital

John Storer was born at Kinross in 1747, the son of a minister of the church. He was educated in Scotland and studied theology at Glasgow University. His interests turned to the healing of the sick and he finally emerged from Glasgow with a Degree of Doctor of Medicine. His next ten years were spent in the Army Medical Service as a surgeon, much of the time with a Scottish regiment serving in Holland. Returning to civilian practice, he moved to Grantham in 1777, and finally settled in Nottingham. In 1781 where he quickly established himself as the leading medical practitioner in the town. He took an active part in the foundation of the General Hospital and became the institute’s first physician in 1782. After 20 years of unstinting service he was appointed Consulting Physician Extraordinary for Life upon his retirement from the hospital in 1802. Besides his work for the hospital, John Storer helped to found and operate the Sneinton Lunatic Asylum and the Vaccination Institution, and he became the first President of the Bromley House Subscription Library.

He carried on his practice at Thurland Hall, where he lived, until 1828, when he withdrew into complete retirement at Lenton Firs on Derby Road. He died, aged 90, on 17th September 1837 and was buried in the village churchyard at Hawksworth, Nottinghamshire.

Volume 13, Page 85 Victorian Nottingham

By Richard Iliffe & Wilfred Bagley

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