Nottingham Hospitals History

Environmental Changes to Nottingham’s Hospitals


1. Aerial views of Nottingham’s Hospitals

2. Nottingham City Hospital’s Chapel of St. Luke  - Then and Now!

3. 1981: Forest House, former home of the Nottingham Children’s Hospital

4. Nottingham City Hospital, November 1966

5. Nottingham General Hospital to Standard Court 1980's to 2012

6. Nottingham General Hospital 1782 to 2016

7. 1969 Site Survey of what is now the campus of Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical  Centre

8. Circa 1970’s: Artists impressions of the completed Queen’s Medical Centre

9. 2013 - 2017: The construction of the Q.M.C’s Tram stop

10. Nottingham City Hospital: Nurses Home Two to Trust Headquarters

11. Mapperley Hospital and grounds after closure in 1994

12. The building they forgot to restore: The former Mapperley Hospital Recreation Hall and Chapel

13. Nottingham City Hospital Campus, South Side, 1975 - 2013.

14. The Development of the Trent Cardiac Centre, Nottingham City  Hospital.

15. Nottingham City Hospital, Annexe Wards to the Radiotherapy Centre.

16. Nottingham City Hospital, the building and opening of the Cystic Fibrosis Centre.

17. Former Memorial Nurses Home/Royal Standard House, 2014

18. Nottingham City Hospital Twin/Urology Theatres, 1951 to 2005

1940’s: City Hospital Farm

2003: Yellow Car Park