Nottingham Hospitals History



President of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society


George Eaton Stanger was born and baptized at the Fleet Baptist Chapel N.C. on the 15th of April 1816. He was one of five brothers and also five sisters. His parents were William and Rebecca Stanger.

George Eaton Stanger studied medicine in London. In 1844 his address in Nottingham was Carlton Street, where he was mentioned in the Nottingham date book of the 8th of August 1844. Eventually by 1846 was on the list of members for the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society.

It is recorded that sometime during 1844 he married Mary Hurst the eldest daughter of Nathan and Sarah Hurst, a very prominent family within Nottingham. Her father was a hosier and Baptist preacher. Her brothers, Nathan and John apart from following in their father's profession in the hosiery trade were both aldermen. John, was also a member of the Nottingham Board of Guardians and on the Committee for the Nottingham Racecourse, which at that time was sited at what is now the Forest Recreation Ground. In 1845/6 Nathan was one of the Sheriffs of Nottingham. Mary was one of nine children who nearly all married people with influence in public life.

In the 1851 census returns the Stanger family were registered as living in St. James Street, Nottingham. It was also recorded they had, by then three sons, William, George Hurst, and Henry York. They employed three female servants, and attached to their residence was a dispensary.

By 1861 they had moved to North Circus Street mainly due to an addition of five children in the family. They were Margaret Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Charles Edward, Walter and Harriet. With the exception of William, the two eldest sons had left home.

In the census return for 1871, North Circus Street was still registered as the family home. By now Henry York, whose was to follow in his father's profession and become a doctor, was an undergraduate of Oxford University.

George Eaton Stanger was elected president of the Nottingham-Medico Chirurgical Society twice. Once, between 1870/71 and again between 1876/8. In 1881 he was elected vice-president and honorary treasurer. This was a post he was elected to twice, as he had been elected honorary treasurer before in 1880. He held this post until the announcement of his retirement in 1888. By the time of his retirement his practice address was 67, Gregory Boulevard, and came under the title of Stanger and Son. The son being Charles Edward, who's address by then was 139, Willoughby Street, New Lenton.

After his retirement both he and his wife went to live in London where their address was recorded as 82, Brook Green, Hammersmith, London. George Eaton Stanger eventually died in 1892 in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

It is recorded that at the time of his death he was possibly on a visit to his son William. All his estate was left to his wife Mary for her lifetime. After the death, however, trust funds were made out to Margaret Ann, and Harriet. These were valid under one stipulation, they were to never marry.

From information provided by Mrs. Maureen Hurst, East Leake, Loughborough