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President of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society


Ernest Cory Kingdon: Steel Lands, Ticehurst, Sussex (Retired)M.B., C.M. Ed (2nd Class Honours) 1885 M.R.C.S. England 1890. (Edinburgh and London). Honorary Consulting Surgeon, Nottingham Eye Infirmary. Author (Jointly) "Infantile Cereble Degeneration."

Medical Directory 1915.


Ernest Cory Kingdon, President of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society in 1901, ophthalmic surgeon to the Nottingham Children's Hospital and surgeon to the Eye Infirmary. He was an ophthalmologist who showed that two conditions previously described separately were really one disease, namely amaurotic family idiocy. In 1892 Kingdon united these two into one disease, into what is often called Tay-Sachs disease or, by the name Sachs (1896) suggested, amaurotic family idiocy. It is remarkable in being a racial and familial disease almost entirely personified to the Jews, though shading off into modifications, which do not occur so early in life or present such serious features, in Gentiles.

Centenary of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society.