Nottingham Hospitals History


Held in the Nottingham Archives is a book which appears to be the Barber’s own autograph or work book from the hospital:

“The Snipe”. Arnot Hill, Bagthorpe, Nottingham.

Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, Nottingham.

Private L/3593 Charles E. PAULY. 7th (Duke of Cambs Own Lancers)

Suffering from frostbite on 10/1/1915.

Driver 53890 F.G.A. Partridge. 88th Bty RFA.  Frostbite at Armentiers. Was at Mons, Marns, Ainse, Flanders.

L/Cpl G/195 Frederick Joseph BRIGGS. 8th Btn R. Fusiliers. Wounded at Loos. October. 72 days later landed at Dover. Arrived Bagthorpe 11/12/1915.

Private 10673 Frederick John WHEELER. 2nd Btn E. Lancs Regt. (Lily whites – 59th).

Frostbite La-Bussee. Regt in Wynberg. S.Africa when war broke out 10-2-1915.

Private G. Sargent. 1st Btn Lincolnshire Regiment. (3 possibles)

Private 8148. Lt Larkin. G. Leicesters. 16 wounds from shell, Neuve Chapelle.

11-3-1915. (unable to identify this man).

Private 3230 Robert French. 2nd Btn Notts/Derbyshire Regiment.

Sapper 8303 J. Marston. RE. Wounded Bois Gienier, heel off, 19-10-1914. (unable to identify this man).

Private 7194 Michael FARRELL. 2nd Btn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Wounded in leg. Armentiers. France. 18-10-1914.

Rifleman 1810 William Albert CROXSON. 9th London Regiment. QV Rifles, Territorials. Injured Messines, Belgium by sniper fire.

Private 3230 Robert George FRENCH. 2nd Btn, Foresters. (Notts & Derbyshire Regiment)

Private 7362 Richard Sidney BROWN. 2nd Btn, Lincolnshires.

Rifleman 10202 David BRODERICK. B Coy, 1st Btn, RIR. At La Bassee. N. France.

Private 6300 Joseph JOHNSON. 1st Btn. Foresters. (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment). Frostbite at La Bassee.

Private 7031 Harry LINGGOOD. Devonshire Regiment.

Private 8382 George NORTON. 2nd Btn Oxford and Bucks LI. Wounded at Ypres 21-10-1914. In Mons, The Mayne and Messines.

Private 6429 Samuel RUTTER. 1st Btn Hampshire Regiment. 6-11-1914 Ypres, was at Mons, Maine, Ainse and Ypres. Nottingham General Hospital.

Private 11885 Aaron CUTTS. 1st Btn, Worcestershire Regiment. Wounded 15-11-? at Ypres. Bullet through liver.

Rfn 10845 B. Findlater.  4th 60th KRRC. In water for 72 hrs. Happy when come out. Heard boys shout if spotted to bob known.

(Possible the only one, Private 10365 Burt Findlater  KRRC )

Trooper 2616 Claude Harry DANIELL. A Sqn, QO (possibly 20) Oxfords Hussars.

Wounded Nr Ypres 3-11-1914.

Pte W. Townsend 1 Btn Lincs. (several possibilities)

Private 9259 William BUCK. K.O.Y.L.I.

Wounded Armuters 26-10-1914.

Cpl Gray. 1 Btn Scotts. 12-7-1916.

(only one possible, Corporal 8118 William Gray, Royal Scots Fusiliers)

Private 9196 Reginald W. HARPER. A Coy KORR.

(A/Cpl 9196 Royal Lancaster Regiment)

Private 10725 John HAMILL. A Coy. RLR.

Wounded 16-1-1915, Frostbite 5-3-1915.

(later 3rd Btn Royal Fisiliers) .

Private 9516 Joe WEBSTER. 1 Btn KOYLI.

Frostbite, Ypres, 5-3-1915 in UK.

Private 8409 Francis G WEBSTER. 1 Btn Northumberland Fus.


L/c 1049 W Henderson. 1/3 Btn North Fus.

Frostbite Ypres 1-3-?

(believed to be Private 3/7049 William Henderson. Northumberland Fusiliers)

Private 8517 Burchett J. Frostbite.

(Private L/8517 James BURCHETT. East Kent Regiment)

Private 6642 J. STAIT. 2nd Btn Coldstream Guards.

Fell in shell hole, La Bassee 2-2-1915.

Drummer E. Bourne. 1st Btn York & Lancs R.

(only one possible. Private 8481 Edmund BOURNE. York and Lancaster Regt.

Edward HARPER. RM’s. Ship – Halberdier.   (Four possibles)

Lizzard 6pm 7-5-1915.  51 Front Street, Arnold. (possibly Nottinghamshire)

RM H. Stevens. RMLI. (Unable to identify H. Stevens as there are too many possibilities on the system).

W. Lane.  L.S. R.N. Jutland Battle, Black Prince, 31-5-? To 1-6-1916.

(unable to identify Leading Seaman Lane)

Private TS/2014 James LAMB. 6 Sect. 14 Platoon, D. Coy, 1/5 KOYLI. 12-5-1915, invalided out from Ypres.

Private J. Chapman. 2nd Lincs R. 10-5- at Hill 60 – wounded.

(unable to identify Private Chapman).

Private E. Guest. 2nd South Staffs R. Wounded at Bulby 10-4-1916.

World War One: Staff and Patients, Arnot Hill Park Hospital

Private 9464 George BRAYBROOK. 1st Btn King’s R. August 19-8-1914 returned Canada, Horse sick, In France 12-9-1914. Ainse, Ypres, Zonedeck, Cambria, Ganoy, Quenchy, Mence. (all spelling as it was in the book)

Private 8400 W. Cambel. K.L.I. from Uplands.  (unable to identify this man)

Private E. Savage. Middlesex Regt. ‘Die Hards’. Frostbite Ypres.

(only one possibility, Private S/7004 Thomas E. Savage.)

Private 7429 Harold C. BLYTHE. Middlesex Regiment. France May 4, wounded Ypres May 10, Amot Hospital 16-5, Still there 2-6-1916.

Sgt 8792 W. BOLT. 2nd Devonshires. Wounded at Aubers Ridge 10-5, bullet.

Private 2393 R.L. GLAZIER. 1st Hertfordshire Regiment. Latassie, wounded 15-1-1915.

Stoker Art Smith. 1st Class, HMS Triumph. Lingtau Campaign, Dardenells, torpedoed on 25th May 1915, a survivor.

Private 7437 Y. RADLEY. 2nd Btn Yorkshire Regiment. In Marne battle, Antwerp, Retirea, Hooge, Ypres. Autunk battle and C shrapnel in back and ankle. 9-11-1914.

Cpl 8859 A.H. LUCAS. R.A.M.C. 47 A 2DW.

7 days leave 22-7-1915 to 29-7-1915.

Private H. Walker. Duke of Cambridge Own Middlesex Regt.

At Hooge.  (unable to identify this man as there are many possibilities).

Private 2073 N.J. Baptise (or similar) 6th Btn Duke of Wellington’s.

Injured Ypres.

Dvr J. Williamson. R.E. (too many choices)

1-8-1915, wounded.

Pte R. Jones. 2nd Yorks & Lancs Rgt. (unable to identify as far too many choices)

From Barnsley. Ypres.

Pte L. Wadsworth. 1/5th Yorks & Lancs Rgt. (3 possible identifications)

Wounded 10-7-1915. Wounded, bomb splints, Ypres.

Pte W. Robertson. 1st Btn Scots Guards. (several possibilities)

Wounded 27-9-1915. Bad charge.

Pte McFarway. 4th Canadians. (unable to identify)

Sick 26-6-1915.

Pte H. Walker. Middlesex Regt. (far too many identifications for this name)

Marne Moor, LA Bassiect, Aines.

M.J. Coleman. RE. (unable to identify this man).

Private 10187 Edward LOWTHER. 4th D.L.I.

Rifleman 3114 E.T. HEATH. 17th London Regt (TA).

Loos on Sept 25th, Gassed, Shot in chest by sniper 26-9.

Private S/4685 Alexander MURRAY. A Coy, 9th Black Watch. (Royal Highlanders)

25-9 wounded Loos.

A/Sgt 2988 William LANE. Army Service Corps.

Sgt S/8155 J. FALKENER. 8th Seaforth Highlanders.

Loos 25-9 wounded.

Cpl Peter Robertson. A Coy, 9th Black Watch. (3 possibilities)


Pte W.A. Cameron. 7th Cam ‘Hig’ers (Cameron Highlanders - too many possibilities)

Wounded Loos 25-9-1915.

Pte Mounth or Mount. 1st R. Fus. (unable to identify this man)

Bdsm Sam Reid. 5th H.L.I. (2 possibilities but Private. 3806 or 1485/200161)

Dardenells, Flue and Yellow Jaundice.

Gunner 42695 Ernest MELLOWS. 188 Bty R.F.A.

Private 20188 George DARLEY. 6th Dragoon Guards, transferred to H.L.I.

Arthur Cresswell. 5th Btn Notts & Derbys Regt (Sherwood Foresters)

Lost right arm 8-6-1915. Bolough. Dis’ch 11-4-1916. (several possible men by this name in the Sherwood Foresters)

Pte C. Crosby. 2nd Auckland Regt. N.Z.E.H. 5-7-1916.

(unable to identify this man)

Herbert C Burnett. K.S.L.I. (unable to identify this man.)

Sgt G. Hope. 4 Royal Fusiliers. (only one Sgt – GS/10751 George William HOPE)

12-6-1917. Wounded 13-4-1917. He wrote;

when the guns began to thunder

And the shells began to burst

Each victim of the Stiffling Gas

Was seized with awful thirst.

But drink was out of the question

For the water was not nigh

And they lay down in the trenches there

To gasp and choke and Die.

Sgt R. Grant. 1st Btn Grenadier Guards. (unable to identify this man)

Somme 25-9-1916.

Cpl 1380 James W. MASON. Rifle Brigade.

Wounded Ypres 12-10-1915.

Private 6422 Albert LEACH. 1st Btn Notts & Derbys (Sherwood Foresters) Regt

Wounded at Auber Bridge, Flanders 9-5-1915.

Pte A. Jackson. R.A.M.C.  (unable to identify this man as too many possibilities)

7-4-1915 wounded. 5’2 ¼” tall.

Sgt S. Casterton. KO(RL)R  (unable to identify this man)


War Memorial, Arnot Hill Park