Nottingham Hospitals History

Nottingham City Hospital Twin/Urology Theatres, 1951 to 2005


The Rt Honourable Lord Webb Johnson taps in the Foundation Stone to the Twin Theatres on Saturday 28th July, 1951.

In later years, in what became the Nottingham City Hospitals Urology Theatres, the ‘Twin Theatres’ were originally planed in 1939 before the beginning of World War Two. However, it wasn’t until 1949, the year after the inception of the National Health Service, were plans finally drawn up.

From its opening in 1954, it was a suite of operating theatres that was to serve the hospital for fifty-one years until its closure in 2005 when the operating theatre and the adjoining Urology Out Patients Department moved to a more up to date building in another part of the hospital.