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President of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society


Alex Christie Reid:- 13, Wellington Circus, Nottingham.M.A., B.Sc Aberdeen 1897, M.B., Ch.B., (Honours) 1902, M.D. (Honours) 1905. (Aberdeen). Diploma of Opthalmics, Oxford, 1913. Opthalmic Surgeon, Mansfield and Worksop Hospital. Honorary Surgeon, Nottingham Eye Infirmary. Late:- House Surgeon, West Norfolk and Lynn Hospital. Temporary Captain, R.A.M.C. Author:- "Miners Nystagmus," Brain, 1906.

Medical Directory 1937


In an obituary to Dr. Reid by the Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr. George Gordon-Napier he said:- Dr. Alexander Christie Reid was educated at Aberdeen University, taking the degrees of M.A. and B.Sc. before going on to do his medical studies. He graduated M.B. in 1902 and proceeded M.D. with honours in 1905. In 1913 he took the Oxford Diploma in Ophthalmology. For nearly 40 years he was honorary surgeon to the Nottingham and Midland Eye Infirmary, and for many years was consultant ophthalmic surgeon to the Kesteven County Council and the Mansfield and Worksop Hospitals. he retired from active consulting in 1946 and, for his distinguished service, was appointed consulting surgeon to the Nottingham and Midland Eye Infirmary. During the 1914-18 war he served as a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Dr. Reid made a study of miners nystagmus, and to gain first-hand knowledge of working conditions went down the mine on many occasions. He always brought a clear analytical mind to bear on any difficult problem. Apart from his professional work his interests were wide and varied. Dr. Reid will be remembered with affection and admiration by all who knew him.

B.M.J. September 9th, 1950, page 632