Nottingham Hospitals  History Publications to Download on PDF


NOTTINGHAM GENERAL HOSPITAL: Personal Reflections By David Lowe and John Bittener


History of the Memorial Nurses Home, Nottingham General Hospital: By Sarah Greaves, RGN

Dermatology in Nottingham: Dr. B. R. Allen

Mapperley Hospital and George Thomas Hine (1841–1916), Consulting Architect to the Commissioners in Lunacy: By Jennifer S. Alexander

MONKEY DAYS: Life as a nurse at the City Hospital in the 1920's: By Oliver Haynes Nee’ Scotney

Annual Report for the Nottingham Children's Hospital, 1943

Thanksgiving Order of Service for the Nottingham General Hospital held at St. Mary’s Church, The Lace Market, Nottingham on Tuesday 24th September, 1991.

Nottingham City Hospital General Correspondence and Reports, 1936 - 1941 and 1944 - 1946

LET'S BEGIN WITH THE CHILDREN: A History of Nottingham's Children's Hospital 1869 – 1978 By Lucia Crothall

City of Nottingham Board of Guardians, Bagthorpe Infirmary: Regulations for the Guidance of the Nursing Staff, Adopted 22nd November, 1910

City of Nottingham Board of Guardians, Constituted 1836, Dissolved 1930

Getting on with it: Remembering nurse training in the 1930s By Agnes Mary Fry

Nottingham City Hospital Annual Report 1944

1949 - 1950

1950 - 1951

1951 - 1952

1952 - 1953

Nottingham City Hospital Annual Report. Three years ending 31.March 1956.

Annual Report for the Nottingham Children's Hospital, 1945

The General Nursing Council for England and Wales: Final State Examination for the General Part of the Register, Monday 1st October, 1973 (Morning Exam)

The Voice of Dissent: The 370 members of the British Medical Association representing 56,000 doctors who were against the inception of the National Health Service which took place on the 5th July, 1948


The New National Health Service: A leaflet that was sent to all UK citizens informing them of the inception of the National Health Service on the 5th July, 1948, which will be free on the point of use, and of the importance of registering with a G.P.

A highlight of press cuttings covering major events at the Nottingham General Hospital, the Nottingham City Hospital and the Queen’s Medical Centre from the Nottingham Evening Post, the defunct Nottingham Guardian Journal and the Manchester Guardian.

A copy of the illustrated brochure that accompanied the June 1950 Mapperley Hospital Open Week.

A collection of nine Trent Vale Review’s the monthly magazine for the Trent Vale Health Authority that oversaw, from 1970 to 1974, the running of the former  hospitals of Aston Hall, near Derby, Balderton Hospital near Newark, Westdale Centre, Nottingham, Mapperley Hospital, Nottingham, St. Ann’s Hospital, Nottingham, St. Francis Hospital, Nottingham, The Coppice Hospital, Nottingham and Sxondale Hospital, Radcliffe-on-Trent.

01. Trent Vale Review, November 1971     02. Trent Vale Review, December 1971

03. Trent Vale Review, January 1972          04. Trent Vale Review, March 1972

05. Trent Vale Review, April 1972              06. Trent Vale Review, September 1973

07. Trent Vale Review, January 1974          08. Trent Vale Review, February 1974

09. Trent Vale Review, March 1974            10. Trent Vale Review, April 1974

Nottingham’s Hospitals, Personal Accounts, Articles and Essay’s: A series of ten articles written by Paul R. Swift B.A., Honorary Archivist, Nottingham University Hospitals N.H.S. Trust between 2011 and 2015.

Mapperley Hospital, Nottingham  Prize Giving, May 1969